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Motorbike Riding Through the Mountains

The scenic views that are possible when riding through mountain terrain are unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Mountains can be the perfect backdrop to your motorbike trip, but they also require you to take a little more caution when riding. The mountain regions including the Ardennes, Vosges, Black Forest, Alps and the Sierra Nevada are regions that every motorbike enthusiast must ride during their European trip which should at least be done once in their lifetime, but there are some things that you should remember before you hit the open road. If you are more familiar with flat country, you need to learn the main ways in which mountain riding is a bit different.

Here are some tips for anyone that is looking to begin motorbike riding through the mountains for the first time:

What About the Corners?

If you are used to back flat country roads, you might not be ready for some of the corners that will come your way when motorbike riding in the mountains. There are a lot more corners on mountains and many of them are very tight. It is always a good idea to concentrate on the line that you ride when you are talking on a corner. You should start on the outside, because this allows you to look out for oncoming traffic and be more aware of your surroundings. It is always a good idea to hold onto the outside line for a long period of time. Make it a point to try and keep your head inside your own lane when you take on corners.

What’s Ahead?

One of the advantages to riding your motorbike on the mountains is that you can see ahead for miles and miles. This can make for breathtakingly beautiful scenery, but it also allows you to check out the terrain that lies ahead. It is a good idea to look up or down before you enter a hairpin. This will help you know beforehand when the turn comes up. The more attention you pay to what lies ahead allows you to know what type of traffic is upcoming. This allows you to know what to expect. Take in the views around you, but make it a point to not become too distracted. Keeping an eye on what’s ahead should be your priority.

Lean In

You might have learned over the years to push your motorbike down when you are taking on tight corners. However, this is not the ideal method for riding when you are on the mountains and the corners are incredibly tight. This style of riding will cause your feet to hit the tarmac too easily. This means that you need to switch up your riding style a bit and try leaning in. By leaning in you will have enough clearance to stay above the ground.

Riding in the mountains is another experience that you should check off your bucket list, but you need to know what you ate getting yourself into before you begin your mountain motorbike ride.  

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